Donate to Educate!

While our financial needs are modest, local advocacy will need funding. Producing and mailing educational pieces, for example, requires a budget. If you agree that these issues require smart, informed action today, please consider donating $52 right now—one dollar for every week of responsive government. Of course, we welcome contributions of smaller amounts, as well.


Please include your mailing address with your donation so we can properly attribute and thank you for your contribution.

Amherst Forward has set a voluntary limit of $52 per year for donations and will not accept organizational or corporate contributions, donations from non-Amherst residents, or donations from current elected officials or candidates.

Donations to Amherst Forward are not tax deductible. Massachusetts law requires that we identify all donors who contribute more than $50 in a calendar year. However, in our best attempts to be fully transparent about our finances, Amherst Forward will disclose all contributors’ names and donation amounts, even below the $50 legal benchmark. You can view our campaign finance reports on the Town of Amherst website.

Amherst Forward does not fundraise for individual candidates nor make monetary contributions to candidates or campaigns. Funds are used for voter education and engagement.

You can also mail a check to

Amherst Forward

P.O. Box 3377

Amherst, MA 01004

MaryAnn Grim, Treasurer