Connect the dots


We believe Amherst’s most important issues are interconnected, and town leaders need to understand their points of connection. In the same way, our own involvement in town issues is interconnected.


Like many in town, we were heartbroken when Amherst Town Meeting rejected $34 million in state funds for our elementary school buildings. We were jolted into action.


We supported the Charter to change to a more responsible, informed, representative, inclusive form of government.


On November 6, 2018, Amherst voters elected the inaugural Town Council to carry out the Charter. This November 5, 2019, all seats on the Amherst School Committee and Jones Library Board of Trustees are up for re-election.


Now, our real work as citizens and residents begins: to remain engaged, informed, and active in our new form of government. Amherst Forward will work to be one of many voices in town keeping our friends, neighbors, family members, and officials informed and focused on the key issues we face as a town.

Thank you for your interest and engagement!