About Amherst Forward

Amherst Forward is a group of Amherst residents, many of whom worked together on the Yes campaigns to update our elementary schools and our local government. In the process, we became aware of the interconnectedness of issues facing our town. We are working to educate voters about Amherst's key challenges, including maintaining high-quality services and infrastructure, broadening the tax base to pay for these, and engaging a broader cross-section of residents in town decision-making.

We are also driven by a sense of urgency. We believe that some of the town’s most difficult decisions have been delayed for years under our previous system of government. That means these decisions will now fall to our new Town Council. Because the Council is accountable to the voters, the need for voter education and engagement has never been stronger.

We recognize that moving forward together will require government representatives who can balance multiple priorities and who are eager to engage with all kinds of people and perspectives. Therefore, in addition to our ongoing issues work, we will also be endorsing local candidates who we believe can help Amherst connect the dots and move forward productively.

Since we want to hold our representatives accountable, we think we should be held accountable as well. So we have chosen to register our efforts as an issues-based political action committee. This means that every donation will be reported, and anything we spend will also be reported and easily tracked by anyone who wants to know. We will not be giving financial support to any candidates, and we are asking supporters to limit contributions to $52 per person per year—$1 per week to support informing voters about our key issues: high-quality services and infrastructure, smart growth and development, and responsive, responsible government.

There’s been some misinformation about what we are and how we participated in the first town council election in 2018. So we’ve created a short guide to what we’ve done—and what we haven’t done—to address these concerns.

Amherst Forward Co-Chairs

Katherine Appy & Ginny Hamilton


MaryAnn Grim

Amherst Forward Leadership team

Clare Bertrand, Matt Blumenfeld, Claudia Canale-Parola, Kent Faerber, Bennett Hazlip, Jan Klausner-Wise, Sarah Marshall, Johanna Neumann, Heather Sheldon